15th May — International Day of Families

Took me lot of time to draft this. Felt like sharing this, as it may give hope to someone who is struggling the battle of Covid-19. We have won against this huge battle on health front.

Amidst the 2nd wave of pandemic, we were impacted with Covid-19. Since 1st April 2021 until the 28th April 2021….it was isolation, medicines, physical and mental pain.

It started with me undergoing severe physical trouble due to improper medication. My sleepless nights during quarantine, loss of taste, seeing myself getting weaker physically was making my family feel extremely sad from within. My Self-Belief and will power kept him going.
My sister was tested positive with lowest infection though; however it was more of a mental stress for her than the physical one.

11th April, Sunday, getting mom admitted in the ICU, where everyone in my immediate vicinity and close connects were calling and checking for beds in hospitals……It was a biggest nightmare as mom’s O2 levels were dropping at one end (it went as low as 70) & My sister was taking her from one hospital to another.

Can’t explain the helpless feeling of being denied due to lack of bed availability in various hospitals. After long hours, when she received a temporary O2 bed in a local hospital for one night, the hospital staff did give an impression that I may end up losing my mother…..

The next day luckily, through a close friend’s connect manage to get her an ICU venti bed in the afternoon. Leaving her alone under doctor’s supervision in ICU and coming back home, that journey from hospital to home, I was blank. Hardly had any energy to talk. Hug from Sister and the silence between the two of us was enough to assure that we are winning the battle.

I had lot of people suggesting me to stay strong that week. I was kind of numb & could hardly feel any pain. That moment just made me believe one thing — ‘You are stronger than you think — physically, mentally & emotionally’

Dad’s reports were negative, hence had to shift him to a different location because of age and other health issues. He had gone extremely weak as he was away from us. Wouldn’t eat much. I could feel his fear which he never expressed about the three of us getting impacted. After the quarantine period was over, the first thing was got dad home. Felt life half battle is won.

Collective prayers do work. Mom bravely overcame Covid-19 and is safe now. As I went to get her from hospital, seeing her after 10 long days, my heart just healed. That moment the feeling was ‘life is beautiful’.

That evening, I asked mom, this was the first time you were all alone in the hospital, wanna know — what kept you going?
…..Her reply was kick ass — ‘I was mentally prepared that I would have to fight the challenges by myself and had decided to overcome it. The need and strong desire to be with the three of you kept me going’.

Parents are our roots and life is complete, when the entire family is together.
I would write a separate gratitude blog to everyone who have been with us throughout the journey soon. Thank you for your unconditional support.

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