8 ways to embrace long term relationships……

  1. They effectively pick the battles.
    They seem to pick healthy conflicts and know which ones are those! They selectively choose the disagreements which are worth fighting for. Individually they evaluate ‘is it a petty issue? If yes, take a step back.’ That seems like a perfect strategy which leads to mutual growth.
  2. Perfect themselves in listening and forgiveness.
    If they are good communicators, they could be a natural at listening and forgiving. Sounds angelic! This helps in recovering from a conflict. These are the bonus steps to accept the relationship, unconditionally.
  3. Embrace healthy conflicts.
    Conflicts are destined to happen in any relationship whether it be romantic, platonic or familial, so learning to embrace conflicts and learn from the disagreements is an important life skill. They have an immense readiness to resolve.
  4. Take turns, share responsibilities.
    This keeps the relationships real. Through sharing responsibilities, one is trying to convey respect and acknowledge individual contribution. It demonstrates the idea that relationships are reciprocal in nature. It is a collaboration.
  5. They master the art of being responsible for their own happiness.
    Relationships can and should be a source of joy in one’s life, (if they weren’t why would one invest all the time and energy?), but at the end of the day, each one is in charge of his/her own happiness. “We are not here to complete each other; we have our respective destinies.”
  6. Learn and grow together.
    Learning is a huge part of any form of growth. Finding ways to grow as individuals, together, creates a long-lasting bond. Also, couple tend to take extra efforts to encourage each other to learn new skills. How empowering!
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Dr Paras

Dr Paras

As a Life Coach, I dream of inspiring, empowering, and transforming every individual on this Earth.