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How to Get Rid of Fear and Build Courage in 5 Ways

How often do you feel speculation and doubt weigh you down? How often do your lack of confidence, lack of knowledge and hesitance engulf you from all directions making you feel caged and paralyzed. This experience of sinking down the darkness with little to no strength of coming out, is what we know as FEAR. And fear is almost as natural an emotion as hunger for the human being. Hence, it is not something easy to get rid of or deal with.

Countless instances and the natural growth of human society suggest fear as a driving force of innovation, adaptation, exploration and belief. Throughout our evolution from the hunting man to the gadget king, we humans have channelized our fears and insecurities into internal driving forces to survive and grow. This we have mainly attained and sustained by the building of COURAGE.

Courage, which is the emotional state defined by fearlessness, confidence, belief and strength, can so be looked at as the intuitive counter for Fear. For every individual, and so for their families and peers, diurnal struggles for survival and existence entail the dichotomy of Fear and Courage. We live complex lives where each moment we are to take brave decisions and make smart choices; we are to evaluate, speculate and adjudge for the best. Not just decisions, but also in tasks and actions, we are to maintain our calm and stability in order to function at our best at all times.

This balance and stability, the strength to overcome fear, thus becomes imperative to be a winner. Removing Fear from our minds that create them in the first place is our first step to become courageous and self-sufficient. Let us therefore, look at 5 key ways in which we could build Courage in Self by Removing Fear from our Heart and Mind.

Come, let us challenge your fears and willingly to take risks for success.

Building Courage in Self in 5 Ways: How to Remove Fear from the Mind and Heart

1. Face your Deepest Fears

As a life coach and counselor, my first advice is to confront your deepest fears. The pathway to success demands sacrifices and risk taking. Workers across all sectors, professionals, especially, must realise the core reasons for their anxieties. A best method is to identify the fears and break them down, to then tackle them by creating incentives.

You must know your idols and inspirations. When we face our deepest fears, we must remember the struggles of others and get inspired by our idols. Great people alike have to confront their fears, however, to do so without a vision will almost always lead to failure. You must learn to never compromise on your dreams and aspirations.

One of the presuppositions of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is that the mind and body affect one other. A change within the mind, impacts and affects the body, and vice versa. Thus, it is time to make that change.

Simply jot down your fears on a diary and follow each up with a specific fun and liberating activity that is close to you. It could be anything ranging from cooking and singing to sky diving or zumba! Identify the fear and tackle it with your best intentions!

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2. Analyze this Fear

What is this fear? How can you analyse it to fight it better? In order to analyse and breakdown you might just want to take a break, meditate, introspect and achieve a state of mind detached from the immediate worries and troubles of reality. Next close your eyes and pick that one year that you wish to fight against. Give this year a colour. Now give it a shape, a form and add dimensions to it according to how the fear projects itself to you. You could give it many colours, and many shades, and even an irregular shape, but the idea is to objectify and demystify your fear into one symbolic whole.

Now project this fear object in your mind as your enemy who you have created and shaped; an enemy you know very well. Flash your light of courage and hope upon the fear and slowly shive it away from your thoughts. If it’s small, it should vanish very quickly, and if it is big and dark, then keep shedding your light of positivity upon it often. Keep brightening the depths of the fear and eventually you will transform it into a motivator for success and happiness.

3. Try New Things

Develop your morale. Build your physical and mental capacities and include spaces for adaptations and flexibility.

Thus, you make avenues to allow new thoughts and ideas to fit in and thrive.

  • Try new activities and habits which you never did, e.g. try swimming if you fear water. Then you build your physical and mental make up for newer challenges that are unknown to you. Try and maintain a disciplined routine and schedule to keep yourself warmed up and in rhythm with your abilities and capabilities. Grow your intellectual courage and strive for innovation, e.g. invest your time in reading books and learn the importance of developing different ideologies and critiques. Do not cheat your routine under the excuse of being dynamic and flexible. Stay focused but also fresh in your state of mind.

4. Connect with your Intuition

Have you ever made an effort to listen to your inner voice? Do you know how it speaks and sounds? Seek it. Seek it with hope and courage. And the inner voice shall speak to you in its raw and intuitive form and guide you to your aims.

Our intuition has always been there waiting for our call. So, you may wonder why it only speaks to a few? A big reason is that fear speaks out louder more often and diminishes pure thought and intuition. Intuitive listening, introspection, may not always be friendly, but may be harsh and raw. However, it will never trick or lie to you.

So, listen to your intuition by -

● Taking out time for yourself and attaining solitude peacefully.

● Creating new ideas and trying new activities: a new dish, a new hobby.

● Practice Mindfulness daily: Develop mindfulness meditation as a daily practice.

● Improve your power of observation: Write down the finer details.

● Work on developing meaningful relationships.

● Do away with shallow and poisonous minds, relationships that no longer nurture you.

5. Be a risk-taker

Probably, one of the biggest risks is not taking any risks. Risk taking itself causes fear, but is a necessary step to ensure success. Nothing really comes easy, risks are inevitable, and in such scenarios, the brave and mindful see it through.

You will need to -

● Assess and Evaluate the risk

● Make a list of things you need to do for it

● Ask yourself if this risk can lead to happiness in your life?

● Work on defining a list of parameters and boundaries

● Listen to your intuition and gut!

Do not be afraid to push your boundaries. Do not shy away from trying new things. Do not opt out of difficult challenges. It is about breaking your limits and realising what lights up your dreams.

Take small steps, and eventually build your courage to tackle large challenges. After facing failures and distress, you will only get better and well prepared for the tougher stages awaiting you. Without perseverance and inner strength, you can never touch and live your dreams!

Write to me at to discover sessions useful to overcome fears and build courage in life. Do watch my videos and register for Mindfulness Living Assessment that makes practicing mindfulness so easy! Come, let’s erase this feeling of fear together and take a step towards courage.

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